What we do

Engineering Services

We offer a wide range of engineering services from product design, calculations, analyses, simulations, project management, HSE and quality management

Subsea Structures

We deliver EPC and hands-on experience with various subsea structures, such as Hot Tap Tees, Inline Tees, Inline Wyes, Riser Bases, PLEMs and PLETs

Consulting Services

In addition to delivering state-of-the-art subsea equipment and solutions, we provide engineering specialists to oil and gas companies wordwide

Who we are

Nautilus Subsea is an engineering company that specialises in the subsea and pipeline industry. Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced members that can perform interdisciplinary projects within the subsea oil and gas sector.

With our in-house expertise we can perform work in all project phases. As a small player in a large industry we are also keen to collaborate in joint ventures, partnering up from the tendering phase at any point in the lifetime of a development. We can perform concept, pre-FEED and FEED studies; detail design and analyses, through to EPC projects and third party verification.

Some numbers

  • Founded in 2014
  • 10 employees
  • Over 20 years average experience from the subsea and pipeline industry

Some facts

  • Independent
  • Flexible to meet client requirements
  • Broad experience within EPC projects, product development and commercialization of subsea products
  • In-depth experience with subsea tie-in systems
  • Hands-on experience

Our competences and workflow

Nautilus Subsea is a team of engineers with long and in-depth knowledge.
We create products and provide services for the world's energy demand.


Our costumer is the main focus from the beginning of a project.

We believe in tight collaboration between all team members and involve all diciplines from the start to outline the best options and solutions.


During the creation process we utilize a wide range of tools such as 3D CAD, FEA and others to establish the best product for the market. The creation phase contains a wide range of deliverables:

  • Concept models
  • Figures
  • Assembly, detail and fabrication drawings


During the project analysis is an essential part of the engineering for both the design and analytical engineers and Nautilus Subsea.

We are specialists in finite element (FE) analyssi and use it as a key part of the design and product development process to understand the physical behaviour and strength of components and structures.

We have broad experience with use of the ANSYS portfolio of products, especially ANSYS Mechanical. In addition we use STAAD.Pro for structural code verification.
Below is a range of deliverables in our projects:

  • Structural analysis
  • Composite analysis
  • Lifting analysis
  • Seafastening analysis
  • Piping analysis
  • Mechanical component analysis
  • Dropped object protection analysis (Explicit and Implicit FE methods)
  • Generative design and topology optimization for design exploration and additive manufacturing

We have experience with a wide range of standards and regulations, such as DNVGL, ASME, ISO and Eurocode.


We take on both consulting, project phase engineering and larger project scope, i.e. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects. In many cases we also assist our costumers during installation offshore/ subsea.
Below is a range of deliverables during our projects:

  • Factory acceptance testing (FAT)
  • System integration testing (SIT)
  • Documentation, i.e. Manufaturing Record Book (MRB)
  • Handling procedures
  • Testing procedures
  • Offshore supervision